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Our Business

Let us help your business grow.  We provide your business with QUICK and EASY access to funds.  NO personal collateral needed.


Trusted Lending

We approve 85% of our applicants.  Loans range from $5,ooo to $250,000.  Use what YOU need when 
YOU need it.


Simple Process

Our application process is easy.  We can have an answer in 24-48 hours.  It's that simple!


Welcome to Capital Business Lenders Inc.

Affordable Rates

A Merchant Cash Advance, unlike a traditional loan with large monthly payments, is a UNIQUE type of funding.  Receive your cash, and we deduct daily from your sales. Depending on your options, it can be a fixed rate or a percentage of sales.  This can help during your slower days.

Loan Renewals

Our clients can apply for a renewal once 40% of principle is repaid.  Based on your history you may qualify for a higher amount with a lower rate.

Easy To Apply

We can get answers for you in as little as 24 hours and funded in as few as two business days.

Find out more about our company's advantages, our staff, and how we will work to find the best possible solution for your business. Learn more about our professional services. Our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to advise you.


Capital Business Lenders helped me get new equipment before the season started.


Our business got the cash it needed to make it through a difficult time


I waited for months to be declined by my bank.  Capital Business Lenders got me the money I needed in a week!